Reusable chalkboard placeholders double as green wedding favor

If you’re looking for a great way to double up wedding products, you can’t lose with these sweet chalkboard placeholders.

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Not only do these tiny chalkboards offer an easy way to designate guests to specific tables, but you can change them up in a flash if necessary plus once your wedding is over, guests may take the chalkboard home as a wedding favor. You might want to consider including some colored chalk in pretty little muslin bags too.

Each of these placeholders is 75mm in width and 60mm in height.I like that they come in white – you could paint them to match any wedding color theme. I also like the actual reusable quality of these as favors. Way better than silly little trinkets no one will use again.

+ Chalkboard Placeholders £8.49 for 5

+ Paper Themes

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