Perfect Green Wedding Favors – Silky Soy Lotion Bars

Sorry I’ve been absent. Some freaks broke into my car during the last week of November, which put me behind being as I had to fix my windows (they broke two) get a new cell phone (they took it) and more. And right now the holidays have been throwing me for a loop. But I’m back now and have a nice review for you.

I first tried a Vanilla Pear Silky Soy Moisture Bar this summer, then later got the chance to try some new scents and pretty much love them all. I think these eco-friendly bars would make a wonderful and unique green wedding favor.

Silky Soy Bar

PRODUCT: Silky Soy Moisture Bar from Evergreen Candleworks

USE: You use these bars as a wonderful moisturizing treatment. Rub the bar into your skin to help moisturize dry areas.

INGREDIENTS: The wax is 100% vegetable, guaranteed! There are no beeswax or petroleum products hidden in it. The wax is FREE of pesticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Material. Linda, Evergreen owner notes that the soy wax they use is made from organically grown soy beans and the fragrances are all natural plant oils.

COST: $12.00 for one 3 fluid oz bar.


  • 100% natural soybeans used in products and then enhanced with botanical oils.
  • Soy biodegradable and 100% vegetable; no beeswax or petroleum products hidden in it.
  • Their soy is free of pesticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Material.
  • The company uses 100 % wind power to make their candles, so I’m guessing the same for these lotion bars.
  • Company recycling program in place.
  • Recyclable packaging used for products.
  • Containers for soy candles and soy lotion bars are washable (soy wax cleans out easily, unlike paraffin wax) and totally reusable.

Scents I’ve tried:

  • Soft Amber
  • Vanilla Pear
  • Citrus Basil
  • Brown Sugar & Fig
  • Wildflower

The company sent me a special sample of a Patchouli, Sandlewood, & Amber bar, that’s not yet available for retail, but it smelled divine – not all hippish but sexy and clean. They also have a Vanilla scented bar which I haven’t tried in the soy lotion bar, but I did have a vanilla candle from the company and it smells delicious.



I love, love, love these silky soy bars. I rarely like lotion bars because they’re time consuming to use, don’t seep into your skin, and can leave a mark on your clothing. These bars rock though. You rub the bar over your body – or better break off a small piece, warm it in your hand then rub that on your body. Easy. The lotion bar melts into your skin and soothes the even the most dry skin.

The scents are amazing. Citrus Basil is so great. It smells clean and fresh and natural. The Vanilla Pear smells juicy and fresh, and the Amber and Brown Sugar scents are subtle but sensual. Wildflower, to me, smells like roses, which normally I hate. Rose scented stuff is ALWAYS too strong and “rosy” but the Wildflower bar is softly scented and clean like fresh cut roses, not fake perfume flowers. I test drove Wildflower on another friend who also hates rose scented stuff and she loved it too.

The scents linger but do not overpower at all. My boyfriend thinks they all smell yummy and sniffs me all day when I use these bars. He especially likes the Amber and Vanilla Pear.

I also like that these bars work on wet or dry skin and that you don’t need to reapply. Unlike lotion, these bars make your skin feel soft all day long – clear to your next shower. Lastly, the bars are long lasting. One bar should be enough for a month or so if you use it daily. This bar is not sticky doesn’t leave any residue on your skin or clothing.

I also like the fact that the container is reusable and pretty. It’s basic (silver colored) and the labels come off easily with some water, so you can reuse it. It’s the perfect size for beads, rings, or other small items. If you gave these as wedding favors it’s a perfectly reusable gift. When I got a solo bar from the company, the packaging it came in was beautiful – a nice little bag – (prefect for gift giving) and recyclable.

Any cons?

  • This bar picks up lint like a fiend. All lotion bars do this. In this case it still works great, but just doesn’t look as pretty.
  • The scents are strong at first. I actually don’t think these bars are overly scented, but I also really like scented items. If you’re the type who likes very lightly scented items, these bars may not be for you. T wouldn’t say this is a con, but a preference issue.
  • The packaging and website don’t share full ingredients. Also the first time I reviewed these I had no idea that the soy was organic, because the packaging and website don’t make this clear. The owner emailed me later and noted that yup they do use organically grown soy, but it’d be nice to see some info about this elsewhere for consumers.

Overall score:

5 trees

5 out of 5 pretty little trees! While I don’t like that the company doesn’t list their product ingredients in full at their website, they do disclose if you speak to them, the bars work like magic to sooth dry skin and they smell like a dream, no matter which scent you try. The packaging is beautiful and reusable and ALL my friends who tried these loved them, and seriously wanted to steal them from me.

I almost never give a score of five to anything I review, but these bars are amazing and I highly recommend them. If you did use these as wedding favors the price point is a little higher than some other favors, but in my opinion, they’re worth it. Your guests will walk away with a eco-friendly, reusable product that they’ll adore. See Silky Soy Moisture Bars at Evergreen Candleworks for more info or to buy.

See my green product rating system and green product rating criteria.

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