Organic seed bomb wedding favors

The best green wedding favors give back to your guests, give back to the earth and leave a small footprint. The problem? These sorts of favors are hard to come by. Seed bombs however fit the bill above and they don’t get much better than what’s offered at Renaissance Botanical.

Eco Wedding Favors seed bombs

Renaissance Botanical makes all their products with organic, natural materials, minus, “A few premium fragrances for friends that are allergic to EO’s.” Their seed bombs, not to drop puns, are indeed the bomb and would make an outstanding green wedding favor.

These seed bombs are shaped and textured by hand, made with recycled paper, botanical, bloom food, soil and organic seeds. Seed bomb packages can also be scented with an all natural wildflower or tree scent if requested. Seed mixtures vary. Some mixtures are blended specifically to attract Hummingbirds, bees or butterflies to the garden while others feature specific flowers, such as Forget Me Nots.

Renaissance Botanical offers many different types of packaging, depending on your needs, for example tins, burlap bags, natural Kraft heart boxes and more.

Easter Egg Organic Seed Bomb Balls

This shop has dedicated wedding favor seed bomb packs but also a slew of other seed bomb options to choose from. For example, if you’re having an Easter or spring wedding, Easter Egg Organic Seed Bomb Balls (shown above) would work beautifully.

Visit Renaissance Botanical to see all their beautiful, eco-friendly wedding favor ideas.

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