Kissable (and green) wedding day lips

If you’re having a Valentine’s Day wedding, or really any sort of winter wedding, your lips could probably use some work. Winter lips aren’t always the most kissable. Winter air can dry your lips out and even make them flaky. Ick. That said, so long as you have a few days, you can have kiss-ready lips by your big day.

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First Exfoliate

Try one of the following treatments…

  • Use a small, soft, and slightly damp and warm washcloth to rub your lips gently in a circle motion daily.
  • Take a dab of organic honey mixed with a dab of white organic sugar and gently use your finger to  rub the mix onto your lips. This is a yummy and soothing exfoliating rub.
  • For super problem lips, exfoliate then, at night, sleep with a thin coat of natural petroleum jelly on your lips or a rich lip balm.

Next Treat & Prevent Future Problems

You should wear a lip balm or gloss or lipstick that contains SPF, such as Eco-Lips. Yes, even in the winter and yup, every day.

Some people think using lip balm or gloss will dry your lips out more than using nothing. That’s not my experience though. You want to keep your lips well moisturized. I like Bubble & Bee organic products, All Good Lips and Eos. You can also make some homemade cranberry lip gloss if you like.

Top Your Lips

Of course choose a color that suits your skin and wedding day colors. However, in the winter you should go for a satin shine or rich glossy finish, not matte, because your lips need brightening.

The general color rule is that darker, deeper red shades – raspberry and burgundy are good for very pale and dark skin, while bright reds and light berry (think strawberry) are good for medium skin tones. That said, I’m not much for rules. I know what looks best with my skin tone because I experiment and you can too.


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