Family tree wedding guestbook where guests can “leaf” their names

My favorite green wedding guestbook of all time is probably Crearting’s amazing wooden tree journal. But that doesn’t mean I can’t like more than one guestbook, and this one below is adorable.

Family Tree Wedding Guestbook

A tree is a symbol of life, so what could be better than this lovely 3D tree wedding guestbook? This sweet Family Tree Wedding Guestbook offers plenty of exquisite detail and can be kept forever as a wonderful work of art. This tree includes two love birds on a tree branch portrayed as the bride and groom with a heart above them that includes their initials and wedding date. You can choose to have the heart on the trunk of the tree as well.

Tree Wedding Guestbook

The tree guestbook comes in four sizes:

  • Small Wedding: 45 leaves – up to 65 guests
  • Medium Wedding: 87 leaves – up to 127 guests
  • Large Wedding: 100 leaves – up to 150 guests
  • XL Wedding: 150 leaves – up to 225 guests

Family Tree Wedding Guestbook Leaves

This tree is made by Heartwork Memories, home of modern and unique Wedding Guestbooks, Prints, and Personalized Gifts. All items used to make the tree are acid free, archival and non-toxic. NOTE: The frame is not included. The wedding guestbook does come with a mat that fits into a 20×20 shadow box frame.

+ Family Tree Wedding Guestbook

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